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What is P2P lending and has it become a misnomer?

Peer-to-Peer Platforms (P2P) opened a new frontier in digital lending by connecting individual investors directly to borrowers. UK-based Zopa was a pioneer in this form of crowdfunding, but others like LendwithCare and KIVA offer different models. These platforms channel investors to MFIs that then lend to individuals or businesses. And their success has attracted the attention of traditional financial institutions that don’t typically serve downstream markets.

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The new value proposition of tech enabled microloans

The dizzying growth rate of some digital-micro-loan (DML) products raises the question: are they the new microcredit to the poor? Serving low-income clients with low value credit wasn’t an attractive value proposition for most formal financial institutions (FIs). MFIs were among the few that honed the skills to serve them, though doing so requires a costly high touch method. But tech-enabled micro loans can be offered instantly through low touch service at a lower cost, making them an attractive proposition and heating up competition as new players enter the market.

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