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Launch of Boulder Institute "Learning and Teaching Case Study Series"

by Boulder Institute of Microfinance

What have we learned from microfinance crises of the past? Boulder Institute is proud to announce the first in our series of case studies exploring risk and governance challenges in microfinance.

In 2001, Bosnia’s microfinance sector was considered a paradigm for post-war economic recovery and proof that institutions could both be profitable and help the poor. But the 2008 financial crisis revealed clients to be heavily overindebted and default rates soared. Our “Bosnia Exercise” provides readers with portfolio data from 7 leading MFIs and asks: how did the crisis play out, and could something similar happen in the market where you work? What institutional decisions might have contributed to the severity of the collapse? Were there missed opportunities for mitigation? And which institutions weathered the storm best? Find this and upcoming cases here in our Faculty Corner!

Bosnia Exercise

Bosnia Exercise Teaching Notes

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