B2B: Strategic Response to RiskB2B: Strategic Response to Risk


Boulder Institute’s two decades of experience have enabled us to respond to the needs of the microfinance industry by developing new skills and tools for practitioners to implement in the field. Our core courses provide you with a thorough grounding in best practices in microfinance, while our wide range of electives allow you to design a unique program that best meets your interests, needs and preferences. 

For a better understanding of the program’s structure, you can refer to the course schedule and courses from the 2016 program. The 2017 course schedule grid and list of courses will be posted in the near future.

  1. Challenging Conversations (Afternoon Section): Angelique Skoulas
  2. Challenging Conversations (Morning Section): Angelique Skoulas
  3. Client Segmentation and Big Data in Microfinance: Mikkel Krenchel
  4. Critical Issues Going Forward: Martin Holtmann
  5. Current and Emerging Payment Systems: Carol Coye Benson
  6. Customer Centricity as a Business Model and Diagnostic: Gerhard Coetzee
  7. Customer Centricity as Business Model to Enhance Competitiveness: Gerhard Coetzee
  8. Design for Use and Organize for Delivery: Yanina Seltzer - Gayatri Murthy
  9. Developing a Win-Win-Win Business Model: Michael J McCord
  10. Innovative Client Centric Marketing: Carlos Fonseca
  11. Regional Perspective on Risk Management with IFC Clients: Momina Aijazuddin
  12. Risk and Governance in Microfinance Institutions: Robert Christen - Natasa Goronja
  13. Strategic Response to Risk in Microfinance Markets: Robert Christen - Natasa Goronja - Daniel Rozas


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