B2B: Strategic Response to RiskB2B: Strategic Response to Risk

Program Design & Schedule

The following contains a description of 2016’s programmatic events. 2017’s program will be posted shortly.

Morning and Afternoon Plenaries & Master Classes (all participants attend together):

During plenaries and master classes, participants will gather for interactive discussions on key topics our industry confronts.

On Monday, participants will:

  • Assess how today’s markets differ from those of 25 years ago and what this means for modern institutions. 
  • Better understand how drivers of excessive growth can build risk over time and lead an institution to be more vulnerable to crisis.
  • Analyze how levels of market maturity can signal when growth is excessive and devise strategies to balance risk management with institutional growth.

On Tuesday, participants will:

  • Explore disruptive innovations in payment systems and then begin working in separate concentrations.
  • The evening plenary will bring together a panel of IFC experts to speak about risk and governance.

On Wednesday through Friday, participants will:

  • Learn from leaders of other industries who have experienced highly competitive markets.
  • Focus on industry-related issues, including panel discussions on leading investors’ perspectives on the Banana Skins report and critical issues moving forward.

To gain a better understanding of the master classes, plenaries and concentrations, please refer to the course schedule grid (to the right).

In addition to the five-day executive education program, a celebratory graduation dinner is planned for Friday evening.

Finally, participants will have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular group outings to explore the many unique historic, artistic and recreational sites around Washington, D.C.


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