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Legal Status

The Boulder Institute of Microfinance is a not for-profit organization categorized under the 501(c)(3) Internal Revenue Service code which is registered in the State of Colorado. The Boulder Institute strives to bring together and promote the best experiences, publications, and future leadership of a unique community of learning. Boulder Institute combines the extensive analysis of established practices with critical analysis needed to foster solutions to the challenges that emerge in expanding access to financial services for the poor around the world.

The Institute has its headquarters in Boulder, Colorado and also has offices in Seattle; Syracuse; and Santiago, Chile.  All revenues and grants received must be externally audited.

The Executive committee is comprised of three people: Robert Peck Christen, founder and director of the MFT program; Consuelo Muñoz Araya; and Sousan Urroz-Korori. In accordance with its statutes, the Institute is able to add more directors as required by the size and complexity of the organizations' commitments.

Boulder Institute of Microfinance

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