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What makes Boulder Unique?

With over 20 years of microfinance training experience, and the collective expertise of over 200 faculty members and over 6,000 alumni, the Boulder MFT program provides an unrivaled experience for professionals working at every level of microfinance today.

  • Boulder MFT draws together experts in microfinance from every relevant sector: Donor Agencies, MFIs, Commercial Banks, Central Banks, and many more.
  • Our dedicated, internationally recognized faculty bring a broad range of practical experience and varying approaches to microfinance from the past 30 years.
  • New practitioners to microfinance are able to take advantage of this distinctive platform to partake in an array of course offerings and network with the industry's preeminent minds.
  • Our immersion programs create critical time for participants to deeply reflect on their specific challenges, and share ideas and strategies on how to face the sector's pressing issues using new tools and a fresh perspective.
  • The Boulder MFT is the only microfinance program in the world offered in three languages (English, French and Spanish) specifically aimed at equalizing the spread of knowledge and resources in different regions of the world. Both English and French are offered at the same time in Turin, while the Spanish program is offered within Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • The English language Rural and Agricultural Finance Program is held in Turin alongside the English and French MFTs, while the Spanish language RAFP will be held alongside the Spanish MFT in Merida. 
  • Finally, Back to Boulder: Strategic Response to Risk in Microfinance Markets is held annually at IFC headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Faculty thoughts

Claudio González-Vega

“I remember in the early days the microfinance sector was not yet established. The boulder program was the place where people were trying to find out what microfinance was about. There was this collective process of creating a notion, the identity, of what the sector represented.”

Martin Holtmann

“Microfinance is a truly international business. Most of the challenges that we face in any part of the world tend to be reflected by similar, or in some cases the same, challenges in other parts of the world. The fact that the Boulder program attracts people from literally all over the world just attests to the fact that it is a truly international industry. The sharing of information and experiences that happens here at Boulder is one of the big building blocks of finding the solutions everywhere.”

William Tucker

“A very important element of Boulder that makes it unique is that you get practitioners from so many different walks of life. Increasingly you have government representatives, Central Bank representatives and bank regulators in different positions in their organizations and so you have a wealth of experience. Also the emphasis on having participants engage with each other. This has also governed the design of many courses, where it is the interaction among the students that is most valuable.”

Monique Cohen

“I think the real advantage of the program is the strength and quality of the information that people receive. I think it's an immensely important networking opportunity. Not networking just to make contacts, but learning from each other. I had a colleague, a young man that I sent here from Nepal. He was the only person from Nepal, and he commented to me that as the only person from Nepal he really met a lot of people and learned a lot of things. After all, to come to the MFT is an opportunity of a lifetime.”

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