Participant Testimonials


Dolores Torres, President and CEO of CARD Bank, in the Philippines:

“CARD Bank started as an NGO in 1986, and we dreamed to have a regulated financial institution that will be owned and managed by the poor women. So after 10 years of operating as an NGO we started applying as a rural bank. So I was chosen to go to Boulder because the course at Boulder was very interesting at that time because one of the modules is on exponential growth. We thought, and I thought, that the learnings that I can get from the course can help us at CARD as well as the industry, the Microfinance industry. We were exposed to financial management as well and how to really achieve exponential growth was a big help because as a bank, we have to ensure that the bank is profitable. So my exposure at Boulder has prepared me a lot in managing the bank as the CEO.”


Ravi Tissera, Director CEO of LOLC Microcredit, Sri Lanka:

“LOLC Microcredit is the first private sector microfinance institution in Sri Lanka. I also represent LOLC Myanmar Microfinance Limited. I am Director of that institution, and both of these institutions I have set up. I came to Boulder 2005 and I came here with no microfinance experience. I was just an executive in a leasing company and just wanted to know about microfinance. The three week program here gave me very good insights. I think the training, especially the plenary sessions that were conducted here was very useful. More than that, the network that got created over the years has been of tremendous value. We are still in touch as far back in Argentina over to Europe with people who have come together who were in that program. So I think it is certainly of great value, and I can see that it is changing with the times and the requirements, which I think is the way to go.”


Marco de Natale, CFO FINCA Azerbaijan:

“There's a lot of great memories, it was a fantastic experience. First of all the people attending, coming from a very broad range of careers, of countries. From donors, from MFIs, from commercial banking. It was a fantastic exchange of experience of backgrounds. The program really opened my eyes to the sector, acted as very strong motivation, equipped me with very useful skills, and of course provided a great networking opportunity. So I am very very much indebted to the program. For me I can really say it changed my life.”

Guido Rojas, Grupo Financiero IMPROSA, Costa Rica:
"We have found ourselves here with people with tremendous experience who have brought us a lot of knowledge and have turned on a light showing us which things we can undertake to move forward with our businesses"

Jimena Iglesias, Planet Finance, Argentina:
"In the course, I have appreciated the high academic level of the faculty and the level of depth with which they approach the different themes, as well as the great diversity in origin of the faculty and participants. It's a meeting ground to bring forth the experiences of all of the participants, something that I believe nourishes this Boulder course for all of Latin America"

Rodolfo Marquina, FONDESURCO, Perú:
"I am confirming now that the experiences that are being offered in the course will truly be valuable to us in addressing this process with much more understanding and perhaps achieving a transformation in a shorter time period and with strategic partners that will help us to develop all of our intiatives and experiences so that we can multiply the services that are also advancing in Peru"

Steven Peterson, ADAPTE, Costa Rica:
"The faculty members are so professional that I believe that there isn't a single question that they can't answer. We are taking advantage of the richness of their knowledge and experiences and for that reason I am very satisfied with the program".

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