Boulder MFT 2015 in Spanish Testimonials

The Boulder Institute of Microfinance gives its programs in three languages; English, French and Spanish in order to have world coverage. This has generated an alumni community of more than 5000 people from 151 countries.

The following testimonials share the experiences had by some of our most recent alumni that participated in the Boulder MFT in Spanish which took place in Quito, Ecuador 2015.

The Boulder MFT in Spanish started in 2007, to date it has had 761 participants from 23 countries and 306 institutions from Latin America and the Caribbean. Due to this, and being on the brink of our ten year anniversary of the Spanish program, we want to share the experience of these three alumni.


Fernando Hincapie

Fernando Hincapié:

Office Director Corporación Interactuar, Colombia.

“The Boulder experience was a wonderful experience, I reaffirmed and acquired new knowledge and shared experiences with members of other financial institutions. The organization and planning of all activities was excellent, they met my expectations and I would return again. Attending helped a lot both at a personal, as well as a professional level; and my Institution will benefit because all classes and shared experiences go hand in hand with our institutions daily work”.


Yocelin Galo

Yocelin Galo:

Head of Information and Analysis in Redcamif, Nicaragua.

“This experience will help my institution by helping me gain a more comprehensive way to analyze my understanding of new trends, where the industry is going and the performance of microfinance institutions. Leading to working in a more strategic manner, and to insights as to how to improve the way my institution currently works and create new initiatives.
The quality of the faculty is excellent, they are very good in their subjects, both as academics and practitioners. I believe that this mixture of theory and experience is what enriches the faculty’s work.
I loved participating in Boulder, it is really quite an experience, not only regarding the academics, but also through the exchange with microfinance practitioners from other countries and from all sorts of institutions which enhance the experience”.


Marcelo Huenchunir

Marcelo Huenchuñir:

Credit Manager Banigualdad Foundation - Microfinance Network Manager of Chile, Chile.

“For my institution, it was essential that I obtained a deep understanding of the microfinance market, learn from the best experiences of other institutions; and create a network that could serve us to generate synergies that could help implement best practices in our Foundation. The Boulder program fully met my expectations, the quality of the faculty, the experience and the student’s motivation to share their good practices resulted in valuable knowledge learned.
I feel it was very worthwhile to be part of the student body of 83 people from different countries. When I’m asked to talk about my experience at Boulder, I recall and convey both academic and social experiences with great affection and gratitude; recalling the excellent moments lived, and how enjoyable the event was as a whole. Congratulations!!!”

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