Why do you continue to teach at Boulder MFT every year?


William Tucker

“One thing that has kept me coming back over the years is the quality of the students that consistently get to attend the Boulder training event every year. Number two I would say the instructors. Often this is the only time we get to engage with each other, and so we are able to catch up on the latest in what they are accomplishing and their thoughts for microfinance moving forward. As a practitioner myself being in the field, the opportunity to come to Boulder is similar to the students. You get away from your day-to-day operational activities and your mind gets opened as you are able to engage with so many other individuals with so many ideas and listen to their experiences. It is an opportunity to renovate your thinking year after year. I have been involved with the Boulder Institute almost since its inception and that has consistently proven to be the case.”

Monique Cohen

“I'm always surprised wherever I go, I meet people who say 'I took your course' or 'I met you at Boulder'. So I think on one level, my direct interaction, I think it's been very impressive. ”

Peter Lengewa

“Boulder has been such a journey for me because I started off in 1998 attending the program myself. Three or four years later I was invited to start teaching. What has kept me coming is the richness of the program, because of what the participants bring. They carry along with them the aspirations of the industry wherever they come from, the challenges they face and what things they have tried to put in place in order to allow them to go to the next level.”


Delores McLaughlin

“I work for an organization called Plan International. My position in Plan is the Senior Policy Advisor for Economic Security, and I am based in Washington D.C. The Boulder Microfinance Program is extremely well organized, it's diverse, it offers quite a range of topics. So that means that the people who attend come from a wide and diverse background. It's an amazing opportunity to learn from others. It had a significant impact in that those of us who were entering microfinance back 20 years ago, we were from the NGO sector. Even though I had some business training, the whole approach to building a sustainable institution that could deliver financial services, this was a while new area. So I learned a great deal about building capacity of institutions and measuring the results of that. So I think that certainly, that the training at Boulder and the network in Boulder elevated both my understanding but also my standards, my expectations, a lot. But I think the most remarkable part for me has been to be affiliated with the team of faculty. It is a network of extremely capable and accomplished professionals. So I'm constantly learning and finding new ideas and insights. I was very happy but also very proud to be part of a first rate team, I thought.”

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