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Boulder Institute courses provide you with a thorough grounding in best practice microfinance. Our programs offer a wide range of elective course options, so that you can design your own program to best meet your needs and interests, ranging from management to products. Scroll down to see all of our courses.

    B2B: Strategic Response to Risk

  1. Banking Beyond Digital Credit: Xavier Faz
  2. Business Case for DFS: Susie Lonie
  3. Customer Centricity as a Business Model and Diagnostic: Gerhard Coetzee
  4. Customer Centricity as Business Model to Enhance Competitiveness: Gerhard Coetzee
  5. DFS for Agriculture: Emilio Hernández
  6. Digital Credit and Scoring: Gregory Chen - Gautam Ivatury
  7. Human Centered Design in Financial Services/Client Journey: Pamela Chan - Rebecca Rouse
  8. Innovative Client Centric Marketing: Carlos Fonseca
  9. Integrating an Improved Value Proposition: Nino Mesarina
  10. Leadership for Change Management: Matthew Saal
  11. Longitudinal Study on Business Case for Agent Model: Gisela Paola Davico - Christian Rodriguez
  12. Plenary Panel: Institutional Perspectives on Risk Management : Momina Aijazuddin
  13. Risk & Strategic Response: Momina Aijazuddin - Natasa Goronja - Robert Christen
  14. Risk and Governance in Microfinance Institutions: Robert Christen - Natasa Goronja
  15. Risk Management at a Board Level / Closing Keynote: Achieving Competitiveness in the Modern Age / Closing Ceremony : Martin Holtmann - Robert Christen
  16. Segmentation: Gayatri Murthy
  17. Strategic Response to Risk in Microfinance Markets: Natasa Goronja - Robert Christen - Daniel Rozas
  18. Welcome and Introduction to Strategic Risk Response with an Overview of Recent Crises: Momina Aijazuddin - Robert Christen
  19. What does a Microfinance CEO Need to Know When Considering Partnerships in DFS?: Aiaze Mitha
  20. Boulder RAFP in English

  21. Agricultural Finance: Opportunities, Emerging Models and Product Design: Massimo Pera - Michael Hamp
  22. Agricultural Insurance in Developing Countries: Operational Principles and Good Practices: Andrea Stoppa
  23. Agricultural Lending Methodologies & Techniques for Smallholder and Lowest Income Rural Families: Oscar Guzmán
  24. Agricultural Loan Analyzer: A'kos Szebeni
  25. Agricultural Value Chain Finance for Smallholder Farmers: Michael De Groot
  26. Digital Financial Services for Smallholder Families – Features of an Emerging Model: Emilio Hernández
  27. Managing Risk in Rural & Agricultural Finance: Klaus Maurer
  28. New Trends in Agricultural Financing: Panayotis Varangis - Jamie Anderson
  29. Performance Management in Agricultural Finance Portfolios: Petronella Chigara-Dhitima
  30. Public and Private Investments in Agriculture: Non-financial Aspects that Institutions Need to Know: Toshiaki Ono
  31. Public Policies, Programs and Institutions for Agrifinance: Juan Buchenau
  32. The Role of Agricultural Finance in the Financial Inclusion Agenda: Michael Hamp - Charles Stutley - Emilio Hernández
  33. Women’s Access to and Utilization of Rural and Agricultural Finance: Linda Jones
  34. General management

    Boulder MFT in English

  35. Communicating Effectively as a Manager: Mareike Wolter
  36. Effective Marketing for Microfinance: Nino Mesarina
  37. Internal Evaluation of Governance and Strategic Decision-Making by MFIs: Massimo Vita
  38. Linking Leadership and Strategic Human Resource Management to Institutional Success: Kim Pityn
  39. Managing and Regulating Transformation of MFIs: Kimanthi Mutua - William Steel
  40. Managing Effective Growth: Overcoming Operational Challenges: Valérie Kindt
  41. Managing Productivity in Microfinance and Retail Banking: Martin Holtmann
  42. SME Finance : Dörte Weidig
  43. Strategic Planning: Peter Lengewa
  44. Strategic Planning: Key Tool to Create Value and Survive: Maximo Errazuriz
  45. Boulder MFT in French

  46. Comment conduire la transformation institutionnelle, la reconfiguration et la fusion des IMF: René Azokly
  47. Comment utiliser le marketing pour réussir en microfinance classique et numérique: Hermann Messan
  48. Contrôle interne: Thierry Rajaona
  49. Gestion stratégique de la croissance des institutions: Fouad Abdelmoumni
  50. Stratégie & performance en microfinance : simulation d'institutions de microfinance (SIMFI): André Koch
  51. Boulder MFT in Spanish

  52. Desarrollo de la Gobernabilidad y Gestión de los Conflictos : Giovanni Calvi
  53. Gestión de Riesgos Operativos para IMFs: Luis Fernando Neri
  54. Marketing Efectivo para Microfinanzas: Nino Mesarina
  55. Planificación Estratégica: Herramienta Clave para Crear Valor y Sobrevivir: Maximo Errazuriz
  56. Building Inclusive Financial Systems

    Boulder MFT in English

  57. Behavioral Research and Digital Financial Services: How Do We Protect Consumers?: Rafael Mazer
  58. Creating Pathways for the Poorest: Integrating the Social Protection, Livelihoods and Financial Inclusion Agendas: Syed M Hashemi
  59. Facilitating Financial Inclusion: A New Approach for Funders: Natasa Goronja
  60. Inclusive Policy, Regulation, Supervision and Compliance: Tim Lyman - Juan Carlos Izaguirre
  61. Putting Customers First: Strategies, Actions, and Tools: Gerhard Coetzee
  62. Reaching the Underbanked through Agent Networks and Digital Financial Services: William Nanjero
  63. Reducing Vulnerability: Using Financial Services to Manage Client Risk: Craig Churchill
  64. What Does it Take to Provide Financial Services to Smallholder Farmers: Panayotis Varangis
  65. Boulder MFT in French

  66. Développement de produits financiers numériques centrés sur le client: Elizabeth Berthe
  67. Leadership et innovation pour relever les défis de la finance inclusive !: Elodie Parent
  68. Modèles d'affaires et réglementation en finance digitale: Philippe Breul
  69. Réglementation et politiques publiques de la microfinance: Laurent Lhériau
  70. Réseaux d'agents - quelle approche ?: Philippe Breul
  71. Boulder MFT in Spanish

  72. Financiamiento Agropecuario: Oportunidades, Modelos Emergentes y Diseño de Productos: Massimo Pera
  73. Manejo de Pagos y otros Servicios Financieros a través de Corresponsales Bancarios: Pablo García Arabéhéty
  74. Financial Analysis

    Boulder MFT in English

  75. Analyzing MFI Performance: Blaine Stephens
  76. Financial Analysis for Microfinance Institutions: Petronella Chigara-Dhitima
  77. Financial and Social Performance of Microfinance Institutions: Aldo Moauro
  78. Boulder MFT in French

  79. Analyse financière des IMF I - II: Pierre Houssou
  80. Boulder MFT in Spanish

  81. Evaluación Integral del Desempeño: Financiero y Social: Evrim Kirimkan
  82. Risk Management

    Boulder MFT in English

  83. Building Better Credit Risk Management: Christian Ruehmer
  84. Financial Risk Management: Karla Brom
  85. How to Set Interest Rates and Analyze Associated Risks: Sousan Urroz-Korori
  86. Internal Control and Fraud Prevention: Ruth Dueck-Mbeba
  87. Introduction to Risk Management: Matthew Brown
  88. Operations Risk Management for the 21st Century: A Focus on Financial Product Innovation: Luis Fernando Neri
  89. Powerful Tools for Managing Growth, Profitability, and Impact: David Richardson
  90. Boulder MFT in French

  91. Conformité légale et réglementaire des IMF: Laurent Lhériau
  92. Gestion des risques financiers: Evrim Kirimkan
  93. Reduire la Vulnérabilité: utilisation des services financiers pour gérer le risque client: Craig Churchill
  94. Risques non-financiers: causes profondes des défis institutionnels : Hans Hekkenberg
  95. Risques opérationnels et gouvernance: Djibril Maguette Mbengue
  96. Viabilité des IMF : principaux déterminants et moyens de consolidation.: Kokoumeh Fedy
  97. Boulder MFT in Spanish

  98. Controles Internos y Prevención de Fraudes: Aldo Moauro
  99. Gestión de Riesgos Financieros: Evrim Kirimkan
  100. Herramientas Poderosas para Manejar el Crecimiento, la Rentabilidad, y el Impacto: David Richardson
  101. Products

    Boulder MFT in English

  102. Designing Savings Products: Meet a Real Need and Maximize Profit : Stephen Peachey
  103. Managing Product Diversification: Cheryl Frankiewicz
  104. Microcredit Methodologies: Sahar Tieby
  105. Microinsurance that Makes a Difference: Getting Beyond Credit Life: Michael J McCord
  106. Boulder MFT in French

  107. Financement des chaînes de valeur agricoles par la microfinance: Isso-Takou Soulémane Djobo
  108. La microassurance qui fait la différence: aller au-delà de la vie du crédit: Michael J McCord
  109. Techniques et importance de la mobilisation de l’épargne pour une institution financière: Erick Sile
  110. Boulder MFT in Spanish

  111. Diseño e Implementación de Productos de Inclusión Financiera: Oscar Guzmán

Courses with the Highest Demand in 2017:

Over twenty years of experience has allowed us to respond to the paradigm shifts of the microfinance industry, incorporating new skills and tools for practitioners to implement in the field. Debate and critical thinking are part of the course offerings. We place high importance on staying current with the particular needs of individual regions, and our MFT programs reflect the trends we are seeing. Some of our most popular and highly ranked coursed from our current MFT program are listed below:

    Boulder MFT in English

  1. The Role of Financial Service Providers in Digital Finance Ecosystems: Xavier Faz
  2. An Introduction to Digital Credit and Its Implications: Gregory Chen
  3. The New Digital Finance Landscape: Opportunities, Threats and Options for MFIs: Aiaze Mitha
  4. Analyzing MFI Performance: Blaine Stephens
  5. Boulder MFT in French

  1. Financement des chaînes de valeur agricoles par la microfinance: Isso-Takou Soulémane Djobo
  2. Risques opérationnels et gouvernance: Djibril Maguette Mbengue
  3. Boulder MFT in Spanish

  1. Planificación Estratégica: Herramienta Clave para Crear Valor y Sobrevivir: Maximo Errazuriz
  2. Sistema de Gestión de Clientes: Dagoberto Cereceda

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