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Rene Verberk

Rene Verberk

Rabo Development

Rene is an experienced agri banker, ex-team manager and director of the agri finance department of some of Rabobank’s largest local branches. He holds a university degree in agricultural economy and business science. Before René joined Rabobank 20 years ago, he worked as manager and director at several agricultural input cooperatives and processing cooperatives (meat and feed) in several European countries. Currently, René is Senior Consultant for Rabo Partnerships, specialized in the organization of agri finance departments at banks in developing and emerging countries. He is also is an experienced agri credit trainer having done training projects for banks in a number of countries in Africa, Asia and South America. He has worked with several donor-funded projects in different countries in Africa that support and build capacities of cooperatives, processors, and banks with a focus on agri financing. Rene also is running a farm in the Netherland, together with his son, involved in veal production.


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