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Sinourou Sekongo

Sinourou Sekongo


Sinourou Sekongo is a digital finance specialist, bilingual (French - English) with a wide experience in spreading digital financial services in collaboration with a variety of institutions such as phone operators, banks, microfinance institutions, agricultural operators, Fintechs.

Actively involved in DFS projects conceptualization and implementation in Western and Eastern Africa, Sinourou developed a wide comprehension of the area main tendencies and digital financial services factors of success. As a responsible for Agency Banking with Microcred, Sinourou implemented and managed the first agents network for a microfinance institution in Western French-speaking Africa. Sinourou works currently as a consultant specialized in digital financial services for IFC, where he manages projects related with payments digitalization in agricultural value chains, agents’ networks development and acquisition and activation of mobile money clients.

Before joining the IFC, Sinourou worked for MicroSave in Kenya, where he obtained a certification in development, management and evaluation of DFS agents’ networks, based on his experiences with the group MTN and Microcred, and the DFS projects he managed for MicroSave Consulting. Sinourou led several formations DFS sponsored by FSDK, UNCDF, IFC, AfDB, and private institutions.

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