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Kokoumeh Fedy

Kokoumeh Fedy

CIF-Vie Togo

Mr. Kokoumeh FEDY, holder of an auditing diploma (CESAG, Dakar/Senegal) and a Banking DES (CNAM, Paris/France), is at present the Managing Director of FUCEC-TOGO (the biggest savings and credit cooperative in Togo and one of the biggest in Africa), after in turn being Inspector, Inspection Director and Financial Director of the same institution.

Alongside those activities, between 1995 and 1998 Mr FEDY was in charge of courses in general and analytical accounting and financial management at ISPEC (Institut Supérieur d'Economie Coopérative, the present African Cooperative Development University in Cotonou, Benin). Between 2000 and 2007 he also trained trainers for CAPAF (Strengthening Capacities in French-speaking Africa, the CGAP Project) in several modules including Managing Operational Risks in MFIs [microfinance institutions].

Since 2007, Mr FEDY has been in charge of resources for five CGAP courses. He also gave a course in Internal Monitoring in MFIs at Togo's Banking Training Centre and another on risk management at the Catholic University of West Africa - Togo University Unit (UCAO-UUT).

Mr FEDY is a member of the board of directors of various public limited companies (banking, insurance, and investment funds) and of cooperative networks in Togo and other West African countries.

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