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Pierre Houssou

Pierre Houssou

Independent consultant

Pierre Houssou is an expert in professional training and management with long years of experience and a thorough knowledge of the sphere of microfinance in French-speaking Africa and the islands (West and Central Africa, the Comoros and Madagascar).

During the 25 years he has spent in microfinance, he has made his knowledge available to microfinance institutions (MFIs) in the spheres of: MFI accounting (the installation, monitoring, management and assessment of accounting systems, cash management and savings account management), administrative and financial management, the institutional transformation of MFIs, the preparation of business plans for MFIs , financing and monitoring small and medium-sized businesses, planning, managing and monitoring MFIs, technical advice and support for MFIs, risk prevention and MFI assessment.

He is a certified trainer, a trainer of trainers and a resource manager in several of CGAP’s subjects (accounting, managing unpaid bills, financial analysis, development plans, managing operational risks, the governance of MFIs, financial education) and other specific modules concerning MFI management.    

He is also a trainer for professional training courses (credit portfolio manager, controllers, tellers, financiers, etc.) followed by coaching.

He has held several positions of responsibility within MFIs (Administrative and Financial Manager, Accounting and Finance Director, Audit and Inspection Director, Operations Director, Risk and Engagement Director, Human Resources Director, Technical Assistant) and currently is an independent consultant in the area of building, managing, evaluating, and tracking MFIs

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