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There is growing evidence that agricultural markets are expanding, especially in developing countries. Many investors, including rural households and smallholder families, are demanding diverse financial services that help them pursue business opportunities in these markets. This global trend is making agriculture an increasingly attractive sector for financial institutions to service. This course provides an introduction to key market assessment principles and tools that can help financial institutions: estimate the demand for specific agriculture finance products; identify different risk management and delivery strategies for such products; and estimate their return and cost structure given different operational scenarios.

Exercises and examples are adapted to reflect the experience of financial institutions that have been able to increase the delivery of agricultural finance as part of their diverse portfolio and maintain it over time in the context of developing countries. Some potential areas for public-private sector collaboration to launch agricultural finance products are also discussed.

Intended Audience: This course is targeted at practitioners from financial services providers (banks, MFIs, credit unions, SACCOs) serving or aiming at serving rural SMEs and smallholders; central banks and policy officers; and international organizations, cooperation agencies, donors, NGOs working in support of agricultural development. 

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