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Planning in a Dynamic Environment - The Role of Strategy

Peter Lengewa

How can financial institutions thrive in an ever-changing operating environment? How can these institutions remain relevant and how do they meet shareholder expectations?  How do they wade through an increasingly competitive market, with new and in some cases unconventional players? Strategic planning seeks to enable an institution to appropriately respond to customer needs, within a given operating environment, while meeting shareholder expectations and complying to legal and regulatory requirements. Though planning is important, strategy execution is a dilemma faced by many organizations. How can this be overcome?

This course explores three critical issues in strategic planning i.e. analysis, strategy formulation and execution. There will be specific emphasis on strategy execution, due consideration will be given to the role of organization culture.  The course will examine current trends in technology and how it is shaping the operations of financial institutions going forward.

This course is designed to allow participants to pick key lessons from each other on aspects that are closely related to the own operating environment as well as gain insights from presented cases and facilitator-led discussions.  The course is designed to allow participants to learn from aspects that are most relevant to them by use of a combination of open space, practical participant identified assignments as well as short case studies.

Intended Audience: This course is useful for Directors and Managers of Financial Institutions and Senior Managers of development agencies.

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