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Managing and Regulating Transformation of MFIs

Kimanthi Mutua - William Steel

This course uses case studies to investigate the benefits, risks and challenges of commercializing and licensing microfinance operations from the viewpoints of both the microfinance institutions and the regulators. It brings the lessons of actual experiences to bear on the issues facing managers of NGOs undergoing transformation; their investors, funders and international networks; and the policymakers and central bankers responsible for legislation, regulation and supervision. The course focuses on the lessons learned from experiences such as K-Rep Bank (Kenya), Mibanco (Peru), Sinapi Aba Trust (Ghana), Tajikistan, Bank Constanta (Georgia), and others. Particular attention is paid to the creative tension between financial goals and poverty focus, and the implications for human resource management. The importance of a suitable legal and regulatory framework is discussed, focusing on special legislation for MFIs and the implications of requiring that MFIs transform to licensed status. Other topics include mobilization of investment capital, ownership, capitalization, governance, costs of regulatory compliance, alternative delivery channels, and product development in the context of transformation.

The course is team taught in such a way as to encourage discussion around the issues. Presentations of lessons learned from case studies are supplemented by the various experiences of the participants. Participants will also learn experientially through break-out group discussions on benefits and risks of transformation; the critical decisions facing an NGO Board in the midst of a difficult transformation; and the pros and cons of draft legislation for licensing Microfinance Deposit-taking Institutions.

Intended Audience:  The course is designed for a diverse audience to facilitate the exchange of viewpoints among practitioners, regulators, funders and policymakers with respect to the issues surrounding the transformation and regulation of MFIs.

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