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Digital Financial Services for Smallholder Families – Features of an Emerging Model

Nathan Were

This course sits at the intersection between technology, agriculture and finance. It presents an overview of key forces in the Agriculture and the Information and Communication Technology sectors that are enabling the application of digital technologies to deliver a wide range  of financial services to smallholder families. Real-life examples from different parts of the world will be analyzed to assess how different stakeholders in the agribusiness, finance, and tele-communication industries have conceived and applied different business models to deliver an ecosystem of financial and non-financial services to many rural clientele segments, including smallholder families, that were previously under-served. The strategies used by the stakeholders studied will be discussed to extract leanings and recommendations on how to take advantage of available digital technology solutions to create new or improve existing financial services that target  smallholder families. The course will be highly interactive and is intended for representatives from financial institutions, MNOs, government agencies, donors and international organizations.

Intended Audience: Financial service practitioners in banks, MFIs and MNOs; donors, researchers, policy makers and anybody interested in learning about digital tehcnologies for financial inclusion

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