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Agricultural Value Chain Finance for Smallholder Farmers

Pierre Schonenberg

Agriculture is the main livelihood for the majority of the poor living in rural areas throughout the developing world. Significant advances are needed to raise incomes and improve the quality of life for these households.

Moreover, other agricultural value chain enterprises (input suppliers, traders, processors, service providers) are also challenged to upgrade operations and respond to increased market demand. Lack of finance is a key impediment preventing farming households and agribusinesses from achieving better performance. In most developing and emerging countries banks are very reluctant to finance the agricultural sector.

This course will give participants a broad understanding of the main issues in agricultural value chain finance, and will explore approaches, tools and instruments for financing value chain enterprises with a focus on primary agriculture. Most of this will be seen and dealt with through the eyes of a financier. Participants will examine and discuss strategies and models, paying attention to the financial needs and capacities of the agribusinesses along the value chain including smallholder farmers. Experiences of participants and case studies from around the world will illustrate how financial institutions have successfully leveraged value chain relationships and models to improve financial services delivery.

Intended Audience: This course is valuable for participants who actively work in the rural financing sector and are involved in the lending and analysing process for agricultural loans.

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