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This course will provide you with an overview of the processes involved in product development and implementation from the institutional introspection that necessarily precedes it, through the market research and prototype design up to the pilot testing to the roll out and operational integration. The course is applicable to the financial institutions and other stakeholders that may want to focus on traditional as well as digital financial services.

In this course, you will learn about the strategic and operational design to deliver customer-centric financial services for low- and moderate-income markets. In addition, you will learn about the ways how financial institutions may utilize digital technologies to foray or enhance their share in the mass market. Also, you will understand how the emerging alternative technology-based models for low- and moderate-income finance work and the ways you can incorporate the models to your business.  We have designed this course incorporating the best practices of mass market finance from around the world that are relevant to your business.

The tools introduced by the facilitator for the course have been developed over a decade of practical work in South and South East Asia, and East Africa and are now being used all over the world to develop and implement scalable digital and traditional financial services. 

Intended Audience:  This course is the right course for you if you are a CEO, a COO, or a senior management team member from Operations, Product Development, Research and Development and other relevant departments from financial institutions (banks, MFIs, Mobile Network Operators and others) and you wish to develop or refine digital and traditional financial services for your target markets. This course is the right course for you if you are a donor or investor in financial institutions or are aspiring to become a part of mass market finance industry, etc.

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