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Jeremy Pallant

Jeremy Pallant

Digital Financial

Jeremy Pallant is an expert in retail and small business banking and micro-finance with extensive experience in full business-line accountability and in end-to-end digital product design and optimization.  Jeremy’s skills have been built through 20+ years of management in banking operations and product programs with a leading provider of financial services in the Americas.

In 2012, Jeremy set-up a Consumer & Micro Finance Hub dedicated to serving the lower-income market in 7 countries.  This new business-line developed digital sales channels; embraced customer-centric product design; streamlined operations and deployed analytically-driven credit-risk management tools. The Hub attained over USD$2 billion in assets and brought credit and financial services to over a million underserved clients. Using these same skills, Jeremy went on to increase the effectiveness of credit adjudication and compliance and product utilization for the Retail Banking and SME product programs across 30 countries and 9 million clients. 

Subsequently, Jeremy co-launched the first effective Fintech – Bank collaboration for fully digitized end-to-end small business lending in Mexico which tripled the effectiveness of under-writing and reduced customer response time from weeks into minutes.

Jeremy now works directly with Fintechs where he specializes in integrating customer-centric business strategy with financial products and is a regular contributor to Boulder digitization programs.

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