Boulder DIGITAL in EnglishBoulder DIGITAL in English

Turning Digital Strategies into Products with Great Business Cases and Minimized Risk

Susie Lonie

This course is designed to give an overview of the key components needed to create a digital business, and the contribution needed from across the organization to deliver your business objectives and revenue targets.

Turning a digital strategy into a commercial success involves many components, of which new technology is just one.  The people responsible for digital transformation need to understand the breadth of the task involved across multiple departments and disciplines.

To examine the key components of digital transformation, we go through the process of creating a robust business proposal for a digital financial service.  It starts by considering digital strategies.  We then focus on creating a digital business case including new revenue streams and new types of expense and include the business case for agents.  Then we Identify relevant new performance measures and ways of reporting them.  From here we progress to customer business intelligence and creating compelling customer propositions.  The many operational and organizational implications of going digital are examined, including new technology.  Risk management is included in every step.   

Case studies are used to illustrate key points, and there will be several opportunities to work in teams to explore the topics covered.

Intended Audience: The course is designed as an overview for new practitioners, and a primer for those currently working in digital finance who wish to broaden their understanding beyond their specific discipline.  Whilst the focus is MFIs, the implications for banks and other financial service providers are also considered.

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