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Seizing Opportunities in Digital Finance: Tools for Regulators, Donors & Providers

Ivo Jenik

Are you interested in knowing why digital finance is important for financial inclusion, how policymakers are working to build enabling regulatory ecosystems, and how business practitioners can benefit from conducive regulation? Join your classmates in a journey through Boulderland – a mystical country where everything revolves around digital financial services. For a week, you will represent one of three key stakeholder groups: regulators/supervisors, providers, and customers. Through a series of short presentations, games, case studies and role plays, you will learn about approaches to digital financial services that support inclusive growth. Using a methodology developed by CGAP, you will learn how to analyze tradeoffs and synergies among financial inclusion, stability, integrity and consumer protection. Our journey will focus on four key enablers of digital finance: (i) issuance of electronic money, (ii) distribution through agents, (iii) consumer protection, and (iv) simplified customer due diligence.

Intended Audience:  The course is primarily aimed at three audiences: (i) policymakers,  (ii) digital financial service providers, and (iii) funder agency staff working with either providers or policymakers. Within the first group, the course is particularly relevant to regulators, supervisors, and other policymakers directly or indirectly responsible for regulation and supervision of digital financial service providers targeting excluded and underserved customers. Those policymakers can be from a variety of different public authorities, including central banks, financial supervisory authorities, finance ministries, etc. Within providers, the course is particularly relevant to staff interested in how public policies affect their business. These may include business development officers, risk managers, compliance officers and other staff with interest in how regulators and supervisors think and work.  Funder agency staff will learn about the issues their program beneficiaries face, whether these are policymakers, providers, or both.

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