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Digital Transformation Strategies for MFIs

Glen Tugman - Jeremy Pallant

The emergence of digital technologies is causing foundational disruption in all areas of financial services as it enables new entrants and empowers others. At the same time, it is providing new ways of engaging with our customers and creating meaningful, personalized relationships.  In the face of these challenges and opportunities, understanding how to think strategically about aligning digitalization to your institutional goals is a key to success.

This course will help participants to build their own individual approach to digitalization through the use of three concepts: a Business Model Canvas,TM  a digital foundation” and a scorecard for digital initiatives. This course is taught in a collaborative manner using real life cases from around the world. Through interactive group exercises, the group will collectively explore and create the elements of an integrated digital strategy. We will cover such topics as:  the “must haves” for digital transformation; creating great digital customer relationships, improving operations with digital processes and better analytics for better lending.

By the end of the course, participants will have developed their own set of tools with which to create or refine their digital transformation. Most importantly, they will have sharpened their ability to think in a strategic manner about digital initiatives. 

Intended Audience:  This course will benefit all levels of persons associated with MFIs, but in particular those in a decision-making capacity for operations, IT, strategy, and customer relations.

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