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Business Intelligence and Data Management

Dean Caire

This course provides an overview of the opportunity for MFIs and regulators to use data to drive financial inclusion and improve business results.  We will explore the use of data in three broad applications, improving operational management, a better understanding of clients (for example, through segmentation), predictive modeling (for example, credit scoring).

The course combines the presentation of concepts with group work to simulate the management of data projects.  Each day will contain a 45-minute lab/activity component allowing participants to experiment with popular free tools (Tableau, R, Python) to apply relatively simple analytical techniques to example data sets.  Example data and methods will be provided, so no prior programming or analytical experience is needed.

Intended Audience: The course is intended for anyone interested in learning about the data project management cycle but particularly aimed at those with the courage to roll up their sleeves and do a little work directly with data. Course participants should leave the course with an appreciation of the ever-growing importance of data in delivering customer-centered products and services and a basic set of analytical tools they can begin to apply.

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