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DIGITAL Elective Courses

With over 25 years of experience, the Boulder Institute offers thorough grounding in best practice microfinance related to digital transformation, offering a range of elective course options so that you can design your own program to best meet your individual needs and interests.

During the course selection process, participants select 4 elective courses.

  1. Business Intelligence and Data Analytics: Dean Caire
  2. Customer-Centric Models and Digital Solutions – From Strategy to Practice: Gerhard Coetzee
  3. Design Thinking and Agile Product Management: Thinking Like a Start-Up: Lesley-Ann Vaughan
  4. Enhancing Your Digital Strategy: Assessing & Prioritizing Digital Initiatives: Glen Tugman - Jeremy Pallant
  5. Product Development and Implementation in the Digital Era: Anup Singh
  6. Risk, Fraud and Consumer Protection in Digital Financial Services: Paul Makin
  7. Seizing Opportunities in Digital Finance: Tools for Regulators, Donors & Providers : Ivo Jenik
  8. Strategic Leadership in the Digital Era: Momina Aijazuddin
  9. The Boulder Master Class: New Financial Inclusion Paradigms: Robert Christen
  10. The Building Blocks that Turn a Digital Strategy into a Successful Service: Susie Lonie

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