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2019 Boulder Digital Transformation
of Microfinance Institutions
Master Class Schedule Grid

The Boulder DIGITAL program features a dynamic roundtable and interactive seminar each morning, ”The Boulder Master Class: New Financial Inclusion Paradigms” led and facilitated by Robert Christen, President and Founder of the Boulder Institute. Throughout the Boulder Master Class, Mr. Christen, accompanied by leading experts in microfinance and financial inclusion, will present a holistic overview of a financial ecosystem that works for the poor. Master Class guests will discuss and debate several principal themes such as: What is client centricity? How has financial inclusion evolved? What are the challenges that lie ahead? The Boulder Master Class is a mandatory activity for all English and French Boulder MFT participants, and is held each morning of the 2-week training program.

The 2019 Master Class grid is now available (see below):

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  Week 1
(July 22-26)
Week 2
(July 29 - August 2)
(Robert Christen)
Digitization Gone Wrong – Lessons from Failures
(Mark Flaming, Martin Holtmann, Momina Aijazuddin)
Customer-Centric Models in a Digital World - Why and How?
(Craig Churchill, Gerhard Coetzee)
Glimpses of Success – the Hybrid Institution
(Martin Holtmann, Mark Flaming)
Customer-Centric Business Models - How to Learn from Customers?
(Gerhard Coetzee)
Changing Change Management
(Martin Holtmann)
From insights to Action – Designing Customer Experience
(Gerhard Coetzee, Momina Aijazuddin)
Making it Happen – Your Role as Leader
(Martin Holtmann)
Customer-Centric Approaches in the Real World – Learning and Designing in Action
(Robert Christen, Gerhard Coetzee, Petronella Chigara-Dhitima, Martin Holtmann)

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