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Hermann Messan

Hermann Messan


Hermann Messan is a microfinance expert with more than 15 years’ experience in financial institutions, the management of microfinance projects/programs, the design of financial services, the design of inclusive finance policies and projects, the assessment of the financial sector, strategic planning and management.

Hermann is at present the program specialist at MicroLead/UNCDF and previously worked at Accion for five years as director of marketing and savings projects for Africa. He also headed the AT project for Cameroon. Before working at Accion, he was a consultant to a broad range of financial service providers (post office savings banks, commercial banks, non-banking financial institutions, cooperatives, NGOs, microfinance projects, etc.) in more than fourteen African countries, India and the Caribbean.

Hermann has worked for several organizations, donors, governments and international entities. He also held various posts in organizations such as MicroSave, Care. Hermann is an accredited trainer with MicroSave and for the ILO in the context of the “Making Microfinance Work” program.

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