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Birgit Rauleder

Birgit Rauleder

IPC - Internationale Projekt Consult GmbH

Birgit Rauleder has been working in the microfinance and banking sector since she joined IPC 10 years ago, and 8 of these years have been in a managerial position within credit operations. Over the years, she has gained expertise in cash flow analysis of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) funding, as well as in credit risk analysis. She is among the pioneers of implementing MSME departments in different local banks, specifically in Russia and Africa. Moreover, she played a very important role in the development of new products such as agri-credit, and in technical capacity building within these same institutions. In her role as deputy manager of the SME department in DR Congo, she was in charge of improving and strengthening the management of risks by developing soft analysis files based on risk management. Ms. Raulder was also in charge of everything related to the development and implementation of training for all staff in charge of credit. In addition to her strong analytical and managerial capabilities, she has excellent writing, communication, and presentation skills.

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