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Wim Verzijlenberg

Wim Verzijlenberg


Wim Verzijlenberg is an experienced agri commodity expert and cooperative expert. In the seventies and eighties he worked as manager in the rice milling industry of Surinam, pet food and grain warehousing business in the Netherlands. Since 1990 he has worked as consultant for RIAS in numerous projects in various tropical crops in Asia and Africa incl. palm oil, sugar, coffee, cocoa, dairy and grains. In many of these projects, Wim was instrumental in supporting farmer groups to become independent business oriented cooperatives with own financial resources. Wim has ample experience in certification projects related to the cocoa and coffee sectors (e.g. UTZ, Rainforest Alliance, Fair trade). In several countries in Africa he has introduced the Warehouse Receipt system as a tool to finance farmers. During the last three years, Wim has been responsible for the Cooperative capacity building project in the coffee sector in Dilinh, Central Highlands of Vietnam. He was instrumental in creating the new coffee cooperative Lamvien representing 150 farmers & organising input financing to the newly created coffee cooperative.

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