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Reynold Walter is a Guatemalan Civil Engineer and microfinance specialist at MINCAE, Nicaragua and COLCAMI, Mexico.

He took part in various conferences and international events as an organizer and speaker. He participated, with Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize winner, as a panelist at the Regional Microcredit Summit for Latin America and the Caribbean in Cartagena, Colombia, in June of 2009 and as an exhibitor at the World Microcredit Summit in Nova Scotia, Canada, in Valladolid, Spain and in Mérida, Mexico.

Walter is the Founder and former President of the Central American and Caribbean Microfinance network, REDCAMIF; Founder and President of the Network of Guatemalan Microfinance Institutions , REDIMIF; Founder and President of the Economics Ministry and the National Microfinance Council, CONAMIF; Founder and former Director of the Latin American and Caribbean Rural Finance Forum; Member of the Global Committee of the World Microcredit Summit and of the Regional Committee of the Latin American and Caribbean Microcredit Summit; former President and Founder of the Central American and Caribbean Financial Inclusion Society, SISCA; Member-President of the consultancy firm Walter Palmieri Consultatores Asociados, and Executive Director of the FAFIDESS Foundation in Guatemala.

Reynold Walter is the driver of the Micropensions Program in Central America that is run by REDCAMIF and he is the President of the Program’s  Technical Committee.

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