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Blaine Stephens

Blaine Stephens

Microfinance Information Exchange (MIX)

Blaine Stephens leads operations and products for MIX, the industry leader on data and insight for microfinance and financial inclusion.  Since the launch in 2002 of MIX’s first online platform, MIX Market (www.mixmarket.org), Blaine works with global and national stakeholders and a team of microfinance analysts to further industry transparency and knowledge through reporting standards, benchmarks, rankings and other information products.  Since 2011, he leads MIX’s strategic drive to support information-driven decision making through new products including, market analysis (MIX Silver) and portfolio reporting solutions (MIX Gold) and to enable tracking and analysis of financial inclusion within local markets (www.finclusionlab.org).  These efforts have enabled access to broad, reliable data and analysis on more than 2,500 financial service providers and 20+ countries. Over the last decade, Blaine has also been a regular trainer and speaker on microfinance performance analysis.

Blaine brings over 15 years of experience in microfinance and financial inclusion.  Prior to joining MIX, Blaine helped develop the start-up operations for a Moroccan MFI, Al Amana, and collaborated with UNCDF on the development and roll-out of an online microfinance training course for donors and practitioners. 

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