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Sousan Urroz-Korori

Sousan Urroz-Korori

U. of Colorado at Boulder / Boulder Institute

Sousan is a senior faculty in International Finance Development and an Executive Administrator with over 20 years of experience in private and public sectors. She was the Director of the Center for the World Banking and Finance at the Economics Institute in Boulder Colorado for many years and has advised and trained many of the central bankers around the world in macro/micro economics policy.

Her research and consulting fields include microfinance, financial infrastructure and capital market development, financial crisis management, currency valuation protection, monetary integration, and dollarization. Since 1998 she has been Senior Faculty at University of Colorado, Leeds School of Business at Boulder. Sousan is also a founding member of the Boulder Institute of Microfinance, and founder and the Director of the Center for Women Economics Advancement through Entrepreneurship and Higher Education. Her recent work is focused on “policy” related issues and is writing a book on “A Path Forward Policy & Practice” that goes online in a few months.

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