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Laurent Lhériau

Laurent Lhériau

Independent consultant

Laurent Lhériau is a Doctor of Law who specializes in financial regulation. He teaches at the University of Lorraine (Nancy), the Protestant University of the Congo (UPC, Kinshasa) and in the Boulder Microfinance Training Program. He has also taught at CESAG (Dakar, Senegal).

His doctorate thesis was focused on "The Law of Decentralized Financial Systems in the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) (2003).

He took part in discussions on improving the regulation of inclusive finance (microfinance, branchless banking, AML-CFT, onsumer protection, etc) of most French-speaking countries, on behalf of development agencies and other monetary authorities.  He helps a wide range of financial institutions in their institutional evolution and their reaching compliance.  

He is the author of the Handbook on Microfinance Regulation (AFD, 2nd edition in April of 2009, and 3rd edition in 2016) and about 15 articles, most of them published in the journal, Techniques Financières et Développement (Financial Techniques and Development).


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