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Monique Cohen

Monique Cohen


Widely regarded as a leading expert on clients and financial inclusion, Monique Cohen works as an advisor to CGAP on Customer Centricity Strategy and customer empowerment. In 2002 she founded Microfinance Opportunities (MFO) to focus on how low-income individuals manage money and risk.  She spearheaded the groundbreaking “Global Financial Education Program” and was among the first to employ the Financial Diaries methodology to assess financial behaviors of low income populations in Malawi and Kenya.  Between 1994-2002 Dr. Cohen managed a major microfinance impact assessment program (AIMS) at USAID in the Office of Microenterprise Development.

Dr. Cohen has published extensively.  She co-authored with Jennefer Sebstad Microfinance, Risk Management and Poverty and a seminal study Reducing Vulnerability, the Demand for Microinsurance.  She also wrote From Insights to Action:  building client trust and confidence in Branchless Banking.  She regularly blogs on client-led issues associated with financial services for the poor.  She is on the board of Child and Youth Finance International, and the Advisory Boards of YouthSave, the Enterprise, Development and Microfinance Journal, and the Smart Campaign’s Client Voices Project.  Monique Cohen has a Ph.D. in economic geography from Clark University.


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