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Nino Mesarina

Nino Mesarina

ACCION International

Nino Mesarina is Vice President of Global Programs at Accion International since 2005 and is based in Washington D.C. He has 31 years experience in the private and microfinance sectors, and holds an MBA degree from Harvard University. Before joining Accion, he held senior management positions at leading multinational companies in Banking, Retail, Consumer Products industries; advertising  and management consulting.

During his first two decades in the private sector, Nino Mesarina acquired and successfully applied "world class" marketing practices, and designed and implemented new methods and tools, which he subsequently introduced successfully in the Microfinance industry. He has advised different MFIs in three continents (Latin America, Africa and India), helping them to build client-centric organizations, define business strategies and implement effective strategic marketing and product management practices (credit, savings, microinsurance). He has also applied his expertise to research and Financial Education projects in Latin America and India.

Nino Mesarina has developed and delivered courses for two decades at several Universities and for different programs, including the Boulder program in Turin, Italy and Latin America.

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