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Gabriel  Davel

Gabriel Davel

FSD Africa

Gabriel is a qualified Chartered Accountant. He has degrees in Accounting, Economics and Econometrics, a Masters’ Degree in Development Finance from the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague and an Advanced Diploma in Banking from the University of Johannesburg. 

Gabriel has 25 years professional experience, specialising in financial regulation, development finance, consumer credit and credit risk management. He was founding director of the leading micro-enterprise financier in South Africa and a partner at Deloitte & Touche (South Africa). He was the CEO of the Micro Finance Regulatory Council (South Africa) and the founding CEO of the National Credit Regulator in South Africa. He served on numerous committees and task teams for the South African government and central bank, covering topics such as competition in banking, SME finance and credit market regulation.

In January 2011 Gabriel left the NCR and is doing international consulting projects, with major clients being the World Bank, IFC, FSD and the Alliance for Financial Inclusion. He has been involved in assignments in different parts of the world, including China, Cambodia, Pacific Islands, Central Asia, Latin America, Caribbean Islands and different parts of Africa. His focus is on Financial regulation, credit market regulation and micro-finance regulation;

credit market development, credit bureau regulation and application of credit information in credit risk management and regulation; consumer protection and market conduct regulation; And credit insurance and loan guarantee funds.

He is Programme Director for the Credit Market Development Programme of FSDA and is the leader of a consortium which is working on the introduction of commercial credit insurance for bank SME loan portfolios in different countries in Africa and Asia. He also does regular consulting work for the World Bank on the development and regulation of credit bureaus and the application of credit information in banking supervision.

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