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Program Concentrations

We offer 4 different “concentrations” with distinct elective courses that cover a wide range of topics, along with the Master Class creating a robust three-week program. At the end of the program, each participant will have completed 105 course hours.

Each concentration offered is designed to attend specific professional and institutional profiles, to better fit their needs and challenges by improving their skills sets, tools, critical thinking and strategic approaches. In order to fulfill the concentration requirement, you will need to take at least 4 courses of your choice from your selected concentration (50 course hours), plus two other elective courses as well attending the daily morning Boulder Master Class. At the end of the program, if you have fulfilled these requirements, you will receive a Boulder MFT Certificate of Completion of the Program.

Find below the four concentrations and choose the one most appropiate for you:

  1. NEW! – Digital Financial Services (DFS) Concentration: Offered for the first time, this new concentration is designed for microfinance practitioners working as IT managers, CEO, financial providers, regulators, policymakers, funders, investors or technological/operational actors seeking to introduce or expand Digital Financial Services in their institutions. With this purpose we created this special track offering 8 courses dedicated exclusively to DFS. Participants should also attend the daily morning Boulder Master Class to cover more strategic views of the microfinance industry. 
  1. Management Concentration: Is specially designed for senior executives, heads of departments and high to mid-level managers charged with strategic implementation perspective as well standard operations in microfinance institutions (MFIs). This concentration offers 27 courses covering risk, compliance, finance, human resources, internal control and fraud prevention, operations, accounting, governance, marketing, administration, new products development and how to better understand and serve their clients. Participants must also attend the Boulder Master Class every morning.
  1. Policy ConcentrationIs designed for policy makers and regulators who work in central banks, supervisory institutions/departments, government or ministries who are responsible for the development and enforcement of the regulatory and control aspects of microfinance, creating better internal systems and procedures. This concentration offers 14 courses and also demands the participation in the Boulder Master Class allowing to better understand the strategic implications of regulatory decisions and the tendency in the industry.
  1. Development Concentration: This track is specifically designed for professionals from financial and non-financial institutions, working in development, at bi-lateral or multi-lateral organizations as well microfinance support organizations who are especially interested in microfinance as a means to alleviate poverty, increasing financial inclusion with client centricity and empowerment. Participants can choose from 16 courses complemented with the daily attendance of Boulder Master Class to integrate the more strategic aspects to their projects and work.

These concentrations have been created to respond to the particular needs of specific professional profiles and their institutions. We recommend you to identify the most relevant concentration for your professional background and needs.

Participants will be able to choose any of these concentration at the time of the Course Selection process, which will begin towards the end of May.

To see the courses that correspond to each concentration, please review our interactive Course Schedule Grid.

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