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Financial and Social Performance of Microfinance Institutions

Aldo Moauro

Microfinance institutional ratings provide an independent opinion on the long-term viability of Microfinance Institutions based on a comprehensive and deep assessment of financial and social risks, as well as performance of the institution.

This course aims to illustrate in detail the methodologies and processes used by the specialized rating agency when assessing Microfinance Institutions.

Rating methodologies have been tested and modified over the past 20 years along with the maturation of the microfinance industry. The evolution from microcredit to microfinance to financial inclusion has prompted improvements in the analysis of credit and financial risks.  The integration of local and international debt, private equity versus savings accumulation (not considering donor funding), has prompted adjustments in liquidity and market risk analysis.  Institutional transformations, typically from non-profit to commercial companies, has triggered a deeper analysis of governance structures of MFIs and their capacity to find the right balance between financial and social goals. The lessons learned from crises experienced by several microfinance markets in recent years have let to the systematic assessment of social performance management and responsible practices when rating the long term viability of Microfinance Institutions.

With specific and concrete objectives, this course includes group work activities and a variety of case studies, mainly stemming from the wide experience of institutional and social ratings conducted by MicroFinanza Rating in many different countries in the four continents.

Intended Audience:  MFI executives, managers, board directors; as well as regulators, investors/asset managers, development institutions; and international networks involved in assessment, due diligence, supervision and monitoring activities. A minimum level of financial analysis and technical competences is required.

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