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Microinsurance: An Introduction and Lessons from the Field

Participants attending this course will leave with an understanding of the key issues in microinsurance. They will be able to think through the planning of a microinsurance product including how to determine what to offer, how it should be offered, and what resources and relationships will be required. All of the discussions will include examples from successful and not so successful microinsurance programs.

The course will be offered through short key topic presentations by the presenter followed by guided group discussions of the points raised in an effort to make the issues tangible to the participants. Discussions will include significant examples from actual cases, and also hopefully from the participants’ experiences. Thus, active participation by all participants is expected. Additionally, some points will be explored through small group work, case studies, debate, and other activities.

A key issue in microinsurance has been an interest in MFI managers in developing microinsurance products without a core knowledge base of the fundamental considerations of the microinsurance business.

This course is intended to provide the key information that a manager would need to plan the process of developing a microinsurance product, or improving one that is already being offered. A bias will be towards a partnership model. In this model MFIs work with regulated insurers. Those participating will be much better prepared to negotiate with insurers to make sure they are both getting a good deal for themselves and their clients, as well as providing the services that will make microinsurance successful.

Intended Audience:  MFI managers, donors, government officials, consultants and others that see a role for themselves in dramatically expanding access to good value microinsurance.

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