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Boulder MFT Elective Courses

With over 25 years of experience, the Boulder Institute programs provide you with a thorough grounding in best practice microfinance, offering a wide range of elective course options so that you can design your own program to best meet your individual needs and interests.

During the course selection process, participants select 4 elective courses. 

  1. Customer-Centric Models and Digital Solutions – From Strategy to Practice: Gerhard Coetzee
  2. Financial Analysis for Microfinance Institutions: Petronella Chigara-Dhitima
  3. Financial and Social Performance of Microfinance Institutions: Aldo Moauro
  4. How to Set Interest Rates and Analyze Associated Risks: Sousan Urroz-Korori
  5. Internal Control and Fraud Prevention: Massimo Vita
  6. Linking Leadership and Strategic Human Resource Management to Institutional Success: Kim Pityn
  7. Microcredit Methodologies: Sahar Tieby
  8. Non-Financial Risks: Root Cause of Institutional Challenges: Hans Hekkenberg
  9. Planning in a Dynamic Environment - The Role of Strategy: Peter Lengewa
  10. Powerful Tools for Managing Growth, Profitability, and Impact: David Richardson
  11. Product Development and Implementation in the Digital Era: Anup Singh
  12. Reducing Vulnerability: Using Financial Services to Help Clients Manage Risks: Craig Churchill
  13. Seizing Opportunities in Digital Finance: Tools for Regulators, Donors & Providers : Ivo Jenik
  14. Strategic Leadership and Transformation in the Digital Age: Momina Aijazuddin
  15. The Boulder Master Class: New Financial Inclusion Paradigms: Gerhard Coetzee - Martin Holtmann - Robert Christen

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