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With over 23 years of experience, the Boulder Institute programs provide you with a thorough grounding in best practice microfinance,  offering a wide range of elective course options so that you can design your own program to best meet your individual needs and interests.  

During the course selection process (starting end of May), participants select one of 4 Concentrations:  Management, Digital Financial Services, and Policy and Funding  with several key courses focused on different areas of this important aspect of financial inclusion. For more information about the different concentrations, click here.

Please refer to the 2018 course schedule grid which offers an interactive function to understand which types of courses correspond to the different concentrations. See Interactive Course Schedule Grid.

Courses that will be Offered in 2018 Boulder MFT Program:

  1. Analyzing MFI Performance: Blaine Stephens
  2. Beyond Mobile Money: Practical Tools for Powerful Finnovation: Mike McCaffrey
  3. Customer-Centric Models and Digital Solutions – From Strategy to Practice: Gerhard Coetzee
  4. Developing Digital Strategies and Business Cases whilst Managing Risk: Susie Lonie
  5. Enterprise Finance in the Digital Era: Anup Singh
  6. Facilitating Financial Inclusion: A New Approach for Funders: Natasa Goronja
  7. Financial Analysis for Microfinance Institutions: Petronella Chigara-Dhitima
  8. How to Set Interest Rates and Analyze Associated Risks: Sousan Urroz-Korori
  9. Internal Control and Fraud Prevention: Aldo Moauro
  10. Linking Leadership and Strategic Human Resource Management to Institutional Success: Kim Pityn
  11. Managing and Regulating Transformation of MFIs: Kimanthi Mutua - William Steel
  12. Microcredit Methodologies: Sahar Tieby
  13. Non-Financial Risks: Root Cause of Institutional Challenges: Hans Hekkenberg
  14. Powerful Tools for Managing Growth, Profitability, and Impact: David Richardson
  15. Product Development: Making Financial Products Work: Indrajith Wijesiriwardana
  16. Reducing Vulnerability in the Digital Era: Using Financial Services to Help Clients Manage Risks: Craig Churchill
  17. Regulatory Ecosystems for Inclusive Digital Finance: Lessons for Regulators, Providers and Donors: Ivo Jenik
  18. Strategic Leadership: Planning in a Dynamic Environment - The Role of Strategy: Peter Lengewa
  19. Strategic Leadership: Making Yourself Relevant in Times of Exponential Change: Momina Aijazuddin
  20. Supervising Digital Financial Services for Financial Inclusion: Denise Dias - Salvador Chang
  21. The Boulder Master Class: New Financial Inclusion Paradigms: Robert Christen - Natasa Goronja
  22. The New Digital Finance Landscape: Opportunities, Threats and Options for MFIs: Aiaze Mitha
  23. The Role of Financial Service Providers in Digital Finance Ecosystems: Xavier Faz

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