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General Information

Program Location: The program will take place in Turin, Italy at the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organisation (ITC-ILO), located at Viale Maestri del Lavoro 10, 10127.

Program Costs:  The 2017 tuition cost is USD $4,900 ($500 non-refundable registration fee and $4,000 course fee).  The tuition covers courses, coffee breaks, inaugural and graduation dinners, and some extracurricular activities. Participants are responsible for the cost of travel to Turin, accommodations, meals, and incidentals. There are also a variety of weekend day trips arranged by the ITC-ILO that cost in the range of 35 - 90 Euro per trip.

Accommodations: There are many options for accommodations located on or off the ITC-ILO campus. Some people prefer to stay on campus, while others prefer to stay in hotels near the ITC-ILO or in the City Centre. There are several packages offered by the ITC-ILO that include accommodations, meals, and limited laundry services.  

There are several hotels that are offering special prices for Boulder participants.

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Language: Boulder MFT Courses will be offered in English and French. For more information on the French program, click here

We are offering a separate Rural and Agricultural Finance Program (RAFP) in Turin, Italy alongside the English and French language Boulder MFT programs.  RAFP is specifically designed for professionals working in rural and agricultural finance.  For more information on RAFP, click here

Boulder Institute also offers a separate Spanish language Boulder MFT program that takes place each year in March in different countries in Latin America.  For more information on the Spanish program, click here   

Schedule: This intensive microfinance training program will take place from July 17 -August 4, 2017. Classes start at 8:30am and finish at 5:30pm each day. There are two coffee breaks and a lunch period each day.

Participants should plan for one to two hours of course preparation and reading each evening, as well as participation in after class special sessions.

Several activities are organized for participants outside of class including tours of Turin, shopping trips, sports and exercise, and weekend trips to surrounding cities and sites such as Monte Carlo, Nice, Florence, Venice, Lake Maggiore, and more.

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Program Registration: It is a good idea to register early for the 2017 programs in order to reserve your spot.

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Visa for Italy: As we approach the program dates, if you have paid the required registration fees, the Participants’ Admissions and Travel Unit at the ITC-ILO will provide you with the necessary documentation to apply for your visa. If you need a visa, we strongly recommend that you locate the appropriate Italian Consulate or Embassy and find out what is needed. It is important to apply early in order to obtain your visa on time for the program.

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