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Boulder Institute of Microfinance - IFC MOU Signing

On April 7, 2016, the Boulder Institute of Microfinance and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, with the objective of cooperating to develop Managing Risk in Highly Competitive Environments, a new training program for high-level executives and Board Members of leading microfinance institutions.

Signing the agreement were Robert Christen, President at the Boulder Institute and Martin Holtmann, Manager, Microfinance and Digital Finance at IFC, affirming IFC's commitment to share knowledge with Boulder Institute to support training curriculum and content development. Boulder will administer the inaugural program for a cohort to be trained in fall 2016 as a part of series of new programs to be rolled out by Boulder Institute for senior practitioners, including Back to Boulder, an upcoming session for financial inclusion executives and alumni.

"IFC's collaboration in sharing experiences and lessons learned will greatly contribute in creating content for our programs that is evidence-based, timely, and global," said Robert Christen. "The Boulder Institute is excited to join forces with the IFC to create a new case-based program that will address the critical issues organizations face today."

The highly interactive program is aimed at deepening the understanding of senior management and board members on the macro-level risks faced in competitive markets, appropriate strategic responses, and the constructive role of Boards in these circumstances. As Martin Holtmann indicated, "Partnering with Boulder is an important step to help ensure not only the success of our microfinance institution clients, but also broader-reaching financial inclusion by avoiding crisis through strengthened, stable markets."

About the Boulder Institute

For two decades, the Boulder Institute has trained over 5,000 professionals from more than 150 countries and offered over 1,000 individual courses with the overall goal of teaching financial sustainability, microfinance best practices and closing the gap on financial inclusion. Boulder's flagship microfinance training programs (MFT) bring together representatives from microfinance institutions (MFI), support organizations, donors and government agencies to learn about new content that is evidence-based, practical, and feeds on the current, cutting-edge topics in the field. The Boulder Institute has created a vast network of more than 200 faculty that are recognized experts in the microfinance industry. It is known for helping finance professionals understand the changes needed to effectively serve the lower-income markets in their countries in a way that no other training institution is able to develop.

About the International Finance Corporation (IFC)

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a US-based member of the World Bank Group, offers loans, equity investments, advisory and risk mitigation services and technical assistance to private companies with the intent of alleviating poverty and promoting open and competitive markets in developing countries. IFC Microfinance applies these instruments to support microfinance providers globally to build, strengthen, and expand their operations to reach unbanked clients. As part of the World Bank Group's Universal Financial Access initiative, IFC is working to expand access to 1 billion of the world's unbanked by 2020, and microfinance is a key component to ensuring that adults globally have sustainable and affordable means to manage their financial lives. As of June 2015, IFC Microfinance had over $4.5 billion in cumulative committed investments in more than 140 financial institution partners across 61 countries, providing microfinance services to more than 62 million clients.

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