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Boulder Microfinance Training Program - MFT 2017

With the support of the Government of the State of Yucatan, the Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY), the Andean Development Corporation (CAF), the MetLife Foundation, and The MasterCard Foundation, the Boulder Institute of Microfinance successfully held the eleventh version of the Boulder MFT in Spanish program for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) at the Hotel El Conquistador venue.

MFT 2017

The program lasted two weeks, during which the Boulder Institute offered an MFI Management Certificate, accrediting participants with 70 academic hours of intense training in microfinance and financial inclusion. The Program began on Monday, March 6th, and ended on Friday, July 17th. In attendance, there were 108 participants from 14 different LAC including Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay, Argentina, Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. Mexico had the largest representation of participants followed by Peru and then Guatemala.

The Graduation Ceremony for the Program was held on Friday, March 17th at the Auditorium of the UADY School of Architecture, which gave a historic touch (overtone) with the School's emblematic 17th century building. In addition to the graduating participants, government authorities, university officials and members of the Boulder Institute were present at the ceremony.

Eric Rubio, General Coordinator of Advisors to the Government of the State of Yucatan, addressed the audience highlighting the spirit of cooperation between the different institutions, and the importance of best practice in microfinance and financial inclusion of the poorest sectors of Latin America. Mr. Rubio emphasized thecontinuity of this international inclusive microfinance training program, extending a fraternal invitation for the coming years.

Following, Dr. Andrés Aluja, General Coordinator of Cooperation and Internationalization of the UADY, addressed the audience, highlighting the cooperation framework established for these past two consecutive years and the importance of carrying out this program, thus establishing a line of action in Yucatan aimed at strengthening the capacity of professionals working this important field of development in the LAC region. He emphasized the intensity of the program, the excellence of its faculty, the global vision and insight regarding crucial issues that the Boulder Institute provides for its participants and respective institutions. He also reinforced the willingness to continue cooperating in this program and other Boulder Institute programs.

Lastly, Robert Christen, President of the Boulder Institute, presented commemorative gifts to the hosts of the 2017 Boulder Program MFT, thanking them for the support and expressing the hope to continue working together in the future to further the development of the LAC region. He recognized the excellence of the Faculty, and the effort made by the members of Staff and their Director, Consuelo Muńoz, who make developing the Program possible, also thanking the Participants and their sponsors for their invested trust and confidence during more than 10 years of providing training of excellence in the LAC region.

The 108 graduating students were then awarded their diplomas, and became part of the large group and network of Alumni, with close to 1,000 members of the Spanish Program, concluding this important day at the gala dinner with entertainment provided by folkloric dance groups from the UADY and a Mariachi group.

Boulder MFT in Spanish is designed for microfinance professionals and practitioners, and institutions devoted to the financial inclusion of the most vulnerable sectors of the population. The purpose of the program is to discuss, with a multidisciplinary approach, the industry's current models. The program also aims to enhance and further knowledge in management and financial inclusion, as well as the technical tools that generate the necessary skills to achieve this strategic objective. Since 2007, the program has been held annually in different venues throughout Latin America, including Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador and this year again in Mexico; in its 11 year history, the Boulder MFT in Spanish has convoked 956 participants from 25 countries, representing over 340 different institutions in the sector.

The Boulder Institute has 23 years of experience, offers programs in three languages, a faculty of more than 100 internationally recognized experts, and nearly 6,000 Alumni, who accredit the Boulder MFT program to provide academic excellence to the participants. The experts who were present in this 11th version of the Boulder MFT in Spanish were Robert Christen of the Boulder Institute, Massimo Pera of FAO, Aldo Moauro and Evrim Kirimkan of MicroFinanza Rating, David Richardson and Oscar Guzmán of WOCCU, Nino Mesarina of ACCION International, Luis Fernando Neri from Parity-CB, Máximo Errázuriz from Universidad de Chile, Pablo García Arabéhéty from CGAP, Dagoberto Cereceda from DocIRS Ltda, and Paloma del Val Tolosana from BBVA Foundation.

In the words of some of the participants of the latest edition of the Boulder MFT program, who explain their expectations and experiences.

Jacqueline Taveras, Finance and Administration Manager of ECLOF Dominican Republic: "I am the third person from my institution to attend the program, and thanks to Boulder and the knowledge we have acquired, we have used this in the institution to improve development and we have implemented financial management systems, which are used to present the institution's financial situation information to our Board of Directors. The Program is very good due to the fact that we have a group of countries with which we exchange how to handle information, interest rates, requirements, etc."

David Zea, 2011 Alumnus, Director of CMAC-HUANCAYO, Peru: "2011 was an experience, being very young, through which I was able to advance my career and enhance my knowledge. It helped me to acquire a network of contacts which allowed me to consolidate my microfinance path, as I went up the strategic pyramid, and now I'm the Director. I returned because I consider that Boulder influenced strongly in my career and I've come with the challenge of deepening and refreshing my knowledge. We have made some contacts with faculty, which will allow us to continue to grow as people, and professionally."

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