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New changes in our 2017 Boulder Programs in Turin

We are introducing exciting new changes - including the addition of a Digital Financial Services concentration - into our 2017 French and English MFT programs.

New digital concentration

The 23rd Edition of the Boulder MFT in English will be held alongside the French MFT and the Rural and Agricultural Finance Program (RAFP) in Turin, Italy from July 17th to August 4th, 2017.

RAFP, developed by the Boulder Institute of Microfinance and CABFIN, is highly specialized and offers an immersive overview of cutting-edge concepts, methodologies and tools for rural finance practitioners, policy-makers, support institutions, NGOs and development agencies.

In order to provide the most relevant and topical content to participants, we are offering new and updated courses in both our RAFP and MFT programs.

Our MFT offers 4 concentrations with distinct elective courses that cover a wide range of topics. This year's edition will feature a new concentration in Digital Financial Services, offered in both the English and French programs!

We strive to help you improve and expand your skill sets, tools, critical thinking and strategic approaches to specific problem areas. Each concentration is designed to attend to different professional and institutional backgrounds to better fit your needs and challenges:

  1. NEW! - Digital Financial Services (DFS) Concentration: Designed for microfinance practitioners working as IT managers, CEOs, financial providers, regulators, policymakers, funders, investors and technical/operational professionals seeking to introduce or expand DFS.
  2. Management Concentration: Designed specifically for senior executives, department heads and mid- to high-level managers responsible for the strategic implementation perspective as well as standard operations in microfinance institutions.
  3. Policy Concentration: Designed for policy makers and regulators who work in central banks, supervisory institutions/departments, or government ministries who are responsible for the development and enforcement of regulatory and control aspects of microfinance for the purpose of creating better internal systems and procedures.
  4. Development Concentration: Designed for professionals working in development at bi- or multi-lateral organizations, including support organizations, who are especially interested in microfinance as a means of alleviating poverty and increasing financial inclusion.

To see more information about each concentration, click here.

To see the courses that are included in each concentration, please refer to our Interactive Course Schedule Grid.

These concentrations have been created to respond to the specific needs of professionals from different types of institutions. We recommend that you select the most relevant concentration for your professional background. Register Now!

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