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Boulder programs challenge microfinance professionals to engage in critical thinking around decisions faced in microfinance activities, and to become familiar with the evidence behind success and failure in the provision of financial services. In addition to the classroom setting, we provide a dynamic environment of activities to create a community of microfinance professionals that support each other for years to come.

Boulder Institute of Microfinance is interested in building long lasting partnerships with organizations that are committed to advancing financial inclusion and willing to build the capacity of their own staff or the staff of other organizations.

By partnering with Boulder, you can facilitate the creation of sustainable microfinance through the education and development of industry professionals who leave our programs inspired to be change-makers in the microfinance field.

Ways to partner with Boulder:

  • Sponsor participants to attend one of our programs
  • Sponsor a program by providing direct assistance in the form of financial, translation services, materials and more
  • Host a program in conjunction with Boulder

To discuss ways that your organization can partner with Boulder, please contact Consuelo Muñoz at info@bouldermicrofinance.org

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