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Boulder MFT in English
July 17 - August 4, 2017, Turin, Italy

The Boulder MFT in English offers participants a 3-week immersion experience with over 50 courses to choose from, where participants explore and debate issues currently facing the industry together with a global network of peers and faculty from MFIs, Donors, Investors, Central Banks, Ministries of Finance, Development Organizations, and more.

Boulder MFT in French
July 17 - August 4, 2017, Turin, Italy

The Boulder MFT in French helps participants explore deeply the challenges in the microfinance industry, ranging from MFIs viability to inclusive finance, including all aspects related to risk management, rural microfinance, savings mobilization, regulation, performance and financial analysis, with the support and under the guidance of renowned faculty.

Rural and Agricultural Finance Program
July 17 - August 4, 2017, Turin, Italy

The Rural and Agricultural Finance Program (RAFP) is a three-week training program that provides additional depth to the already experienced agricultural finance specialist, bringing a global perspective on how to meet the financial needs of rural SMEs and agricultural households.

B2B: Strategic Response to Risk
November 27 - December 1, 2017, Washington DC, USA

This 5-day program gives experienced professionals the opportunity to reconnect with Boulder Institute. We will explore the challenges and opportunities of providing access to finance in the 21st century with increased competition and introduction of new technologies. Courses focused on risk governance, enhanced competitiveness and managing risk for shareholder value will be offered.

Boulder MFT in Spanish
March, 2018, Latin America

The Boulder MFT in Spanish gives participants the opportunity to delve deeply into current issues facing the Latin American microfinance industry, including navigating risks and increased competition. Renowned faculty from the region guide participants to face challenges from a global perspective.

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