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Public and Private Investments in Agriculture: Non-financial Aspects that Institutions Need to Know

Toshiaki Ono

The sustainable provision of agricultural financial services in general, and in particular of those destined for poorer rural households dependent on agriculture, is strongly determined by a wide set of pre-conditions related to the dynamics of national and international agricultural markets, the development stage of service providers in the agricultural sector, current and future trends agricultural policies, and relevant production and weather risks in the local context. These aspects are part of the overall agricultural investment environment, and pioneer financial institutions (FIs) serving the agricultural sector have been required to develop their internal capacities to analyze and influence this environment.

This course shows the relevance of those non-financial dimensions determining the feasibility of agricultural investments in which clients are engaged for financial operations. Analytical tools are provided, illustrated by real-life examples, to enhance the ability of FIs to interpret trends in the agricultural investment environment and design strategies to adapt their operations to favor the resilience of their clients’ agricultural activities, thereby ensuring the sustainability of their own financial operations.

Intended Audience: Finance professionals and development specialists who are interested in promoting financial services in rural areas and agricultural sector in developing countries.

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