Rural and Agricultural Finance ProgramRural and Agricultural Finance Program

Program Design and Schedule


The Boulder RAFP Program lasts for three full weeks and is offered in three stages: early morning Master Class, morning elective courses, and afternoon elective courses. The curriculum, in the Master Class, elective courses and optional special sessions, focuses on strategic views and emerging trends, with the goal of empowering participants to push the field further. 

  • The RAFP Master Class (Mandatory Attendance): Panos Varangis (World Bank), Massimo Pera (FAO) and Emilio Hernandez (CGAP) guide the session which is a mandatory activity for all participants of the RAFP. Each morning, from 8:30 - 10:00am, our speakers, together with over 12 leading experts in rural and agricultural finance and financial inclusion, present a holistic overview of a financial ecosystem that works for the poor rural households. All RAFP participants attend this daily session.
  • The Electives Courses : Participants take 6 electives during the three week program: 3 one-week Morning Electives (10:30am-1:00pm) and 3 one-week Afternoon Electives (2:30-5:30pm). There are two coffee breaks held during the day: 10am (after the morning Master Class and before the morning elective), and at 4:00pm (in the middle of the afternoon elective).

    There are several different courses to choose from, covering the fundamentals of good practice and detailed the experience of financial service providers in the sector.

    Note: On the final Friday, there is a special class schedule due to the graduation ceremony. There will be no Morning Seminar and both elective courses will be held in the morning.

  • The Optional Special Sessions: Participants have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of stimulating special topic presentations, networking meetings, and round tables delivered by faculty and participants at lunchtime.

  • Social Activities and Networking: There are a wide range of social, athletic, and cultural activities arranged during evenings and weekends.  The ITCILO campus has bicycles, a soccer field, volleyball nets, tennis courts, and a gym so we encourage you to bring your sports attire if these athletic activities interest you.  During the weekend, the ITCILO organized excursions that you can sign up for to Venice, Monte Carlo, Nice, Lake Maggiore, and other popular locations.  These activities range in price from 50-90 Euro. 

Boulder RAFP Certificate of Completion

At the end of the program, participants will have completed 105 course hours, and receive a certificate recognizing completion of the 2017 Boulder RAFP.

The 2017 program will contain similar content to 2016 as well as some enhancements to the structure and content.  In 2017, RAFP participants will have the opportunity to take up to 6 formal courses out of over 13 courses offered, and to interact with 20 world-renowned faculty members. In addition, the program featured an assortment of lunchtime networking meetings, round table discussions, panels, and presentations organized by faculty and fellow participants.  Check our 2017 program course grid!

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