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Who should attend?

The objective of Rural and Agricultural Finance Program (RAFP) is to enable inclusive and efficient food and agricultural systems, as well as promote financial inclusion by strengthening the technical capacity of service providers and those institutions serving rural SMEs and smallholder farmers.

The RAFP has been designed for professionals from the following institutions:

  • Agricultural value chain providers of finance, state agricultural banks, credit unions and microfinance institutions that serve rural SMEs and smallholder farmers.
  • Development programs offered by ministries of agriculture.
  • Multilateral and bi-lateral organizations, donors, support organizations and NGOs with a mandate of working with this sector.

Experience in rural and agricultural finance is important for participation, but the RAFP is also adapted to newcomers to the industry. Program participants should have an understanding of basic issues in agriculture and some experience with rural SMEs, agricultural households, agricultural related markets, financial services, as well as relevant concepts such as seasonality and diversification. 

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